Terms of Service

Terms of Service for software offers

Manuals as well as the software described therein are copyright protected. All author rights reserved. The software developer reserves itself the right to make at any time and without previous announcement improvements and changes at the described software.

Permitted use
The software may be sold only by authorized dealers. By the acquisition of the original software with individual license key the user is entitled to use the contract software for excluding private use in each comparably computer provided that it is inserted only in each case use a computer and the user is in the possession of the original software and associated license key. In all other respects the regulations of the copyright law find supplementing application regarding the rights to use.

Inadmissible use
Every other use of the contract software, the documentation or the individual license key, in particular the unauthorized letting (e.g. Cyber cafe, play halls or similar mechanisms), public demonstration (e.g. in schools or universities), which duplication, multiple installation or overacting and each procedure, by which the contract software or parts of it is made accessible for the public (in particular over the InterNet or other on-line systems), is without previous written agreement of the software developer forbidden. To be made available to modify or adopt without written permission of the software developer is not the software in not expressly permitted way third the user justified, third a license at the software to be given or to change the software or documentation (this prohibition applies among other things also to translating, modifying and re-using the product in parts). The regulations of copyright find application supplementing also here. The recompiling of the software is expressly forbidden. Each damage, change or reproduction of the title or parts of it are punishable as falsification of documents.
If a backup copy of the software should be necessary for the safety device of future use, only one Installation of the software is permissible on the non removable disk as backup copy. The preparation of further than the legally permissible backup copies specified here is expressly forbidden.
Acting against this will be criminally and civilian pursued.

Scenario editors, editor tools
With the software can be used certain utilities, Tools, data and other resources for the Design, the programming and treatment of the software ( editor tools). This tools makes possible for the user to provide other play material for the personal use on the basis of the software.
With the production of the new play material no new in copyright matters protected software is created, but the new play material represents a permitted and aimed kind of the simple use of the software by the availability of the tools.
The software developer forbids it expressly to use the tools and the new play material for commercial purposes. The user can make the new play material available to third persons only exclusively free of charge.
New play material may do neither the authors -, mark or other rights third to hurt, contain still illegal, criminally relevant or racism material.
New play material must be documented and be provided clearly with the following data:
Name and E-Mail address of the creator and the words: ‘ this material is manufactured nor supported by the software developer’.

The user can complain of unsatisfactory Downloads of the original program from the server within 14 days after purchase of the software. The software developer then again makes the software available to the Download.
If the user should make the software inadvertently useless later or shift the personal license key, then the software developer places against payment of 5. – € sharing of costs the software after examination of the user data (name and purchase date) again ready for the Download and provides a new, suitable license key by E-Mail.

Adhesion rules
The software developer is responsible independently of the argument only for damage, which for the software developer or one of its legal representatives or an executing aide assigned from it caused roughly negligently or deliberately. In the case of warranties and the injury of cardinal obligations the software developer clings also with simple negligence.
For damage, which developed with the easily negligent injury of cardinal obligations, the software developer is responsible limited on the damage, which is with conclusion of a contract typical and foreseeable. For the loss of data and their re-establishment the software developer is responsible in accordance with the preceding description then only if such a loss had not been avoidable by appropriate data security measures of the user.

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