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Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Review: Worth the Hype?

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Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Review: Worth the Hype?

One year ago, I got my hands on the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC, and it’s seriously caught my attention. It’s got an Intel i5 13400F processor that clocks in at 2.5 GHz and can turbo up to 4.6GHz, which is nothing to scoff at.

Gaming PCs have come a long way, and this one is positioned as a solid contender for those who want to run the latest games without breaking the bank.

I was particularly impressed with the NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics card. With 8GB of GDDR6X memory, it packs quite the punch for rendering crisp game visuals.

It also comes with a hefty 32GB of DDR5 RAM – a nice touch for multitasking and heavy-duty gaming sessions. Not to mention, the 2TB NVME offers ample storage and quick load times.

Right at the beginning, the new Skytech Shadow Gaming PC was practically in continuous operation for a month when it had to update almost 200 GB of data on Google Drive.

Before ordering, I obtained a quote from the local computer dealer and showed him the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC. He was unable to offer me a comparable configuration at a similar price and warned me disappointedly that this PC must have many cheap components from China, which could blow up in my face during heavy use.

The delivery was fast and unproblematic. The device was very well packaged, had not suffered any damage and was quickly ready for use.

I still haven’t noticed anything bad and the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC runs fats all day and handles all tasks and games with ease!

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC

On the downside, while the case design with its tempered glass and RGB fans looks great, it’s something you’ll see on many gaming rigs nowadays. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but not exactly groundbreaking.

The Wi-Fi capability is standard 802.11AC, which is reliable, but I’d appreciate the newer Wi-Fi 6 for future-proofing.

Bottom Line

The Skytech Shadow Gaming PC balances cost and performance nicely. From my experience, it runs games like a dream and maintains smooth framerates at full HD settings.

If you’re keen on getting a reliable gaming PC that feels up-to-date without spending an extravagant amount, this setup could be a solid choice.

After extensive use, I can confidently say that it’s a machine worth considering for any gamer looking to jump into the latest titles with ease. So if my experience is anything to go by, taking a closer look at this PC might just be your next move. Click here to purchase the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC and get your game on.

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Overview

As I had the opportunity to spend now one year with the Shadow Gaming PC by Skytech. Right off the bat, I noticed the solid build quality and sleek design of the black tempered glass case.

The unit houses some seriously powerful hardware, making it clear that it’s geared towards delivering a high-performance gaming experience.

The moment I powered it on, I was greeted by vibrant RGB lighting from the four fans, which are not just for show; they also do a great job at keeping the system cool during intense gaming sessions.

I found the setup process to be quite straightforward, and I appreciated the lack of bloatware, which meant I could get into gaming without unnecessary delays.

While testing the unit with several games, I experienced ultra settings at Full HD resolution, and the gameplay was smooth with impressive frame rates.

It’s evident that the combination of the RTX 4060 graphics card and the 32 GB of DDR5 RAM can handle modern titles effortlessly. Plus, with 2 TB of NVME storage, there’s ample space for a sizeable game library.

The machine is not just for gaming though; it could easily handle other demanding tasks like video editing, which might be worth noting for content creators.

Its diverse connectivity options, including various USB ports and Wi-Fi capability, adds to the overall functionality.

Here is a video of a session from War Thunder:


High-Performance Processor

Having now some time had the chance to put the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC through its paces, I can vouch for its processor’s capability. The Intel i5 13400F chip at the heart of this machine runs at a base 2.5 GHz but can ramp up to a 4.6GHz Turbo Boost when the gaming gets intense.

This headroom is crucial for maintaining smooth frame rates in demanding scenes.

I found that the processor deftly handled multitasking, allowing me to stream my gameplay and run background applications without any hiccups.

However, it’s worth noting that heavier workloads can challenge any system, and while the i5 13400F is formidable in gaming scenarios, professional-grade tasks like 3D rendering or video encoding might stress it a bit more.

In everyday use, this CPU provides a seamless experience, whether it’s navigating the Windows 11 interface or juggling between gaming and content creation.

My experience aligns with the positive feedback seen in the community, giving me confidence in the processor’s consistency.

NVIDIA RTX Series Graphics

After spending now some quality time with the Skytech Shadow’s RTX 4060, I’m convinced it finds a sweet spot for gamers. With 8GB of GDDR6X memory, the 4060 handles current AAA titles effortlessly.

Games like Elden Ring and Call of Duty Warzone run at ultra settings without breaking a sweat, pairing high-resolution details with frames smoothly surpassing the 60 FPS benchmark.

However, it’s not all high praise. While the performance is impressive, some may find the limitation to 1080p for ultra settings a bit restrictive especially with the emergence of 4K gaming.

But if you’re not chasing the highest possible resolutions, you’re in for a treat with the 4060.

Users reported that the RTX 4060’s performance longevity is truly commendable, staying consistent over long gaming sessions without any noticeable drop in frame rates or graphical hiccups.

It’s commendable how it balances temperature and performance, with the help of the Shadow’s airflow design featuring four RGB ring fans.

Video einer Session aus World of Warships:


Ample and Speedy Storage

My experience with the Skytech Shadow’s storage capabilities was quite impressive, illustrating just how far we’ve come from traditional hard drives.

The inclusion of a 2TB NVME SSD offers a substantial amount of space for all my games and applications, allowing me to keep everything I need directly on my machine.

Not once did I have to worry about running out of space or managing storage, even with large files and modern, sizeable games.

Speed is another area where this PC shines. The NVME SSD ensures that everything loads incredibly fast.

Whether I’m booting up the system, launching a game, or transferring files, the wait times are minimal.

This speed makes for a smooth and efficient user experience, with the added bonus of quick read/write speeds enhancing overall performance.

One possible downside for some might be the absence of additional storage for archiving, but given the generous 2TB, it’s a trade-off I’m happy with, considering the speed and efficiency gains.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

From the moment I unboxed the Skytech Shadow, it was clear that the aesthetics are designed with gamers in mind. Its case sports a sleek black finish complemented by tempered glass that offers a peek into the neatly organized interior, illuminated by RGB lighting.

The lighting is not only a visual treat but also customizable, allowing for a personal touch.

In hand, the metal chassis feels solid, and the glass side doesn’t flex, indicating a dedication to using quality materials.

While examining the craftsmanship of the case, I noticed that the panels align perfectly without any gaps or misalignment, a testament to its superior build quality.

The Shadow’s internal layout is well thought out, ensuring easy upgrades or maintenance. The cable management is so tidy it almost looks like an art form, managing to impressively hide away wires while keeping airflow unobstructed.

However, it’s not all flash; the build quality does have areas where I believe improvements could be made. The dust filters are quite basic and could be more robust.

All in all, the Skytech Shadow strikes a fine balance between a visually appealing design and solid construction, though it never crosses into being ostentatious. Its build is what I’d expect from a premium offering, which comes as a refreshing contrast to some other pre-built PCs that seem to cut corners.

Advanced Cooling System

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the Skytech Shadow cooling capabilities. A robust cooling system is essential for any high-performance gaming rig, and this model doesn’t disappoint.

It leverages an intelligent setup of four RGB ring fans, ensuring that air flow is maximized to keep the internal components at an optimal temperature—even during extended gaming sessions.

While the aesthetics of the RGB lighting might be the first thing to catch your eye, the practicality of effective heat dissipation is what truly stands out.

However, it’s not all about looks; the noise level is surprisingly manageable.

When the system is under load, I found the fans to be whisper-quiet, a stark contrast to the loud whirring that can come from some lesser systems.

This balance between cooling efficiency and noise reduction contributes to a more focused gaming experience, without the distraction of a noisy PC in the background.

On the flip side, the advanced cooling doesn’t seem to allow much room for overclocking headroom beyond the out-of-the-box setup.

While it handles current gaming demands effortlessly, hardcore enthusiasts looking to push their systems to the limit might find this a tad limiting.

However, for gamers who want a system that just works and stays cool without any fuss, the Shadow’s cooling system ticks all the right boxes.

Pros and Cons


The Skytech Shadow Gaming PC has some definite highlights.

Firstly, the Intel i5 13400F processor combined with the NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics card provides a smooth gaming experience even on demanding titles, handling them with ease at high settings.

The inclusion of 2TB NVME Gen3 storage is a boon, offering incredibly fast read and write speeds which cut down on loading times dramatically.

The generous 32GB of DDR5 RAM is another plus, ensuring multitasking is a breeze and future-proofing the system to some extent.

Aesthetically, the build is appealing with the RGB gaming memory and fans adding a vibrant touch to any setup.

The out-of-the-box experience was almost flawless with a quick and easy setup, not to mention it saved me the hassle of installation which is great for those who aren’t as tech-savvy.


While I find the Skytech Shadow to be a formidable machine, it does have some downsides.

The gaming PC operates on Windows 11 which might not be everyone’s first choice due to its mixed reception and changes from its predecessor, Windows 10.

It’s also worth noting that the graphics card brand may vary, so for those looking for a specific GPU manufacturer, this could be a point of uncertainty.

Moreover, while the system performs exceedingly well for its price range, it may not satisfy the niche demands of extreme enthusiasts looking for the cutting-edge of gaming hardware.

Lastly, some users reported initial fan noise, although this did not persist and is often a common characteristic of powerful PCs.

Customer Reviews

I’ve thoroughly examined what other users have to say about the Skytech Shadow Gaming PC.

The general consensus is that it provides a remarkable value-for-money proposition, especially for those diving into PC gaming for the first time.

Many buyers have expressed pleasant surprise at the PC’s capabilities relative to its cost, emphasizing its ability to handle recent AAA titles with ease.

A particular strength noted is the ease of setup, which appeals to users who may not be technologically savvy. The system arrives well-protected and is practically plug-and-play.

Gamers with more experience appreciate the solid performance of the components, though some have noticed it doesn’t feature the absolute latest specs.

It’s not a system built for the most demanding enthusiasts, but for its price bracket, it overwhelmingly impresses.

On the flip side, there were occasional comments about the fan noise, and a few individuals needed some time to adjust settings for an optimal experience. However, these seemed to be relatively isolated issues.

Overall, the sentiment is strongly positive with the system receiving commendable praise for its overall performance and value. After delving into its reception, I can say buyers are mostly satisfied with their purchase.

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC


After spending now one year time with the Skytech Shadow, I’m impressed by its performance. The powerful combination of an Intel i5 processor and NVIDIA RTX 4060 makes it a reliable choice for both casual and more demanding gamers.

I noticed smooth gameplay, even with graphic-intensive settings. The machine’s 32GB of DDR5 RAM ensures multitasking is a breeze, and the ample storage with a 2TB NVME drive means you’re unlikely to run out of space anytime soon.

Although the specs are robust, some may find aesthetics or customizability important, and this is where your personal preference plays a crucial role.

Furthermore, some users reported loud fans initially, but I did not experience any disruptive noise levels during my use.

The user-friendly aspect is a notable plus—easy setup is a consistent highlight in user feedback, making it approachable for those not as tech-savvy.

While it’s not the newest model on the market, it remarkably holds its own in current gaming scenarios.

In balancing performance, ease of use, and cost, the Skytech Shadow shows strong value. It’s a solid choice if you’re considering diving into PC gaming without assembling your own rig.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having spent enough time enjoying the latest games on the Skytech Shadow 3.0, I’ve put together some of the most common questions potential buyers may have. There’s a lot to like about this machine, with its powerhouse performance and sleek design. However, let’s not skirt around any downsides – I’ll address those as well.

What are the specifications of the Skytech Shadow 3.0 gaming PC?

The Shadow 3.0 is a robust gaming machine, boasting some serious hardware under the hood. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Processor: Intel i5 13400F, a snappy CPU that reaches up to 4.6GHz with Turbo Boost
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 4060 with 8GB GDDR6X, ensuring smooth gameplay even on demanding titles
  • Memory: A whopping 32GB DDR5 RAM outfitted with RGB lighting, adding a visual flair to the performance
  • Storage: A sizeable 2TB NVME Gen3 SSD, offering swift boot and load times
  • Power Supply: 650W Gold PSU, providing ample power efficiently

The precise combination of these components provides a seamless gaming experience, from popular FPSs to the newest open-world adventures.

Which motherboard model is included in the Skytech Shadow 3.0?

Skytech Gaming includes a motherboard that pairs well with the 13400F processor and accommodates the high-speed DDR5 RAM. While the exact model isn’t specified, rest assured it is one that complements the other components effectively, perhaps only lacking in some advanced features a high-end enthusiast might look for.

How do Skytech Gaming PCs compare to other brands in terms of performance and value?

In my experience, Skytech PCs hold their own against competitors, especially considering their price-to-performance ratio. The Shadow 3.0, for example, is competitively priced and provides a fantastic gaming experience for its cost.

The balance between quality components and cost often tilts in favor of Skytech, making them a smart choice for value-driven gamers.

What improvements have been made in the Skytech Shadow 4 compared to previous models?

The Skytech Shadow 4 showcases several upgrades from its predecessors:

  • CPU: Upgraded to the Intel i5 13400F, providing a speedier and more efficient performance
  • Graphics: The inclusion of the NVIDIA RTX 4060 translates to a better visual experience and higher framerates
  • RAM: Bumped up to 32GB DDR5, which is faster and more responsive than the DDR4 used in older models

Observing these improvements, users can anticipate noticeably better performance in everything from boot times to in-game framerates.

Are there any pre-installed software or bloatware on Skytech computers?

The good news is you won’t find much, if any, bloatware cluttering up your new Shadow 3.0 PC. The system comes with a clean installation of Windows 11 Home, and while some basic drivers and utilities are pre-installed for convenience, they don’t impede performance or take up unnecessary space.

Which graphics card manufacturers are utilized in Skytech’s Shadow series PCs?

Skytech’s Shadow series makes use of reputable manufacturers for their graphics cards.

Specifically, the RTX 4060 included may vary by brand, but generally, you’re looking at trusted names in the industry like NVIDIA itself or other accredited partner brands that meet the specified performance standards.

In conclusion, the Skytech Shadow 3.0 is an enticing option for those seeking a solid, no-fuss gaming rig.

While the lack of motherboard specifications might irk some tech enthusiasts, the overall performance, the thoughtfully curated components, and the minimalist approach to pre-installed software make it an appealing choice.

Whether you’re diving into AAA titles or just need something capable and reliable, this PC should be on your radar.

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