Kriegsspiel WW2 Total

WW2 Total

War Game WW2 Total

War Game WW2 Total
War Game WW2 Total

Free To Play Strategy Game

WW2 Total is a unique PC game with both: a free strategy game with battles between Axis and Allies. This unique war game combination is an independent development by gamers for gamers.
The framework for the PC game offers the conflict between Axis powers and allies during the Second World War.
Up to four players are in control of the armies, air forces and fleets of the Axis and Allied powers.

War Game about WW2

Map WW2 Total
Map WW2 Total
The summer of 1942 sees the climax of World War II in Europe. The player takes over the command of the divisions, air units and fleets as well as the control of armament production, weapons research and politics in this unique PC game.
A huge 3D map – from the Western Atlantic to the Urals, from the North Cape to the Western Desert – with nearly 150 land and sea territories is the scene of this gigantic struggle to dominate the world.

Single and Multi-Player Modes

Details on the WW2 Total map
Details on the WW2 Total map.
With simultaneous turns (all players plot their orders at the same time) is this WW2 Game playable in single player mode against a challenging, learning AI (Neural Network) as well as a multiplayer game with up to four human players as a LAN party or via Internet.
Some of the advancing results of simultaneous, turn-based multiplayer gameplay are that nobody has to wait anymore for the other players to finish their turns and reactions and possible enemy moves must be foreseen.

More than 50 different units

3d model of a Spitfire
3D model of a Spitfire fighter plane from WW2 Total.
For this free strategy game are currently more than 50 different land, air and sea units available. Each unit has a detailed 3D model and more than 20 individual values for production, movement and combat.
The majority of these units must be developed by research. The most important tanks, fighters, bombers and infantry weapons of World War II are already available and the number of units and 3d models is constantly expanding.


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Full Game Manual WW2 Total (PDF)

Second Alamein
Second Alamein

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