Diary August 25, 1915

Russian 7.62-cm field guns were converted to anti-aircraft guns
Captured Russian 7.62-cm field guns were converted to anti-aircraft guns and used in the German frontline divisions and for home defense.
Diary for Wednesday, August 25, 1915:

Air War

Germany: 62 French bombers (2 lost by anti-aircraft fire) attack Dillingen steelworks near Trier using converted 155 mm artillery shells.

Eastern Front

Poland: Linsingen’s Bugarmee occupies Brest­-Litovsk as Mackensen advances to north.

Southern Fronts

Montenegro: Austro-Montenegrin fighting at Cattaro, Austrians repulsed at Grahovo on August 27.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Allied Conference at Duala (until August 26) to plan final advance on Yaunde after rainy season. Brigade-General Cunliffe reconnaissance Mora in the north.


Greece: Serbian Minister in Athens demands Greek help under 1913 Treaty.

Occupied countries

Poland: General Beseler made Governor-General (Pilsudski arrives at Warsaw on September 15).

Home Fronts

Britain: 12,000 South Wales miners win bonus strike until September 1; August days worked a 20-year record.
Russia: Duma President Rodzianko‘s letter begs Tsar not to become C-in-C.

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