Diary July 13, 1915

Assault in the funnel field
Assault in the funnel field, a French war painting.
Diary for Tuesday, July 13, 1915:

Western Front

Argonne: Germans (including gas shell) make transient gains at Vienne-le-Chateau and La Fille Morte, but French Third Army casualties since 20 June are 32,395 soldiers including 4,000 PoWs.
Flanders: BEF Third Army (HQ at St Omer) formed under General Monro with 6 divisions and Indian Cavalry Corps, relieves French Second Army of 15-mile sector from Somme to Hebuterne.

Eastern Front

Poland: Gallwitz’s Twelfth Army (150,000 soldiers in 12 divisions with more than 1,000 guns) attacks towards Narew on 25-mile front. By July 17 the army has gained 5 miles (ca. 8 km), Przasnysz (July 14) and inflicted c.70,000 casualties on Russians. The Bugarmee fights 5 local battles near Sokal until July 31.
Bukovina­: Austrians across Dniester but beaten on July 16.

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian destroyer Tatra shells Pelagosa island radio station but deterred by French submarine Fresnel, which is bombed by seaplane.

Air War

Western Front: 35 French aircraft drop 171 bombs on Vigneulles rail junction near Metz, fires started.

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