Diary December 11, 1916

Italian battleship 'Regina Margherita'
The Italian battleship ‘Regina Margherita’ was a Pre-Dreadnought with 13,500t and completed in 1901.
World War One Diary for Monday, December 11, 1916:

Sea War

Adriatic: Italian bat­tleship Regina Margherita (many casualties including Captain) sunk by two mines from UC-14 off Valona, Albania, returning to Taranto for refit. Italy only announces the loss on January 20, 1917.
Baltic: Vice-Admiral Nepenin’s Fleet order against non-saluting becomes unpopular with officers and men.

Western Front

Somme: Violent Allied artillery bombardment.
Verdun­: Preparatory French bombard­ment by 760 guns (350 heavy).


Britain: Grey resigns as British Foreign Secretary after exactly 11 years in office, Balfour succeeds.


Greece: Admiarl Fournet relieved of command for December 1 action.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lord Derby succeeds Lloyd George as War Minister. Labour Ministry formed.

Oval@3x 2

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