Diary January 29, 1917

'K'-class sub
The ‘K’-class was designed as fleet submarines capable of 24 kts surfaced. No contemporary diesels were equal to the task so steam turbines were fitted together with a diesel to drive the generator. Over a third of the hull was devoted to machinery.
World War One Diary for Monday, January 29, 1917:

Sea War

Britain: Royal Navy submarine K13 sinks on acceptance trials in Clyde, 47 men survive after 57-hour ordeal.

African Fronts

East Africa: 160 soldiers of KAR (King’s African Rifles) besiege Fort Utete on river Rufiji; c.200 Germans escape on rainy night (January 30.31) and maul pursuit (February 2).


Russia: Allied delegation (Lord Milner, Generals Wilson and Castelnau) arrives at Petrograd (until February 21).


Switzerland: Prince Sixtus of Bourbon receives Emperor Charles’ peace letter from his mother (also Empress Zita‘s).

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