Diary July 19, 1915

Capitaine George Marie Ludovic Jules Guynemer
Capitaine George Marie Ludovic Jules Guynemer (1894-1917) won an unrivalled place in the heart of the French public. He destroyed a total of 54 German aircraft and was missed without any traces on 11 September 1917.
Diary for Monday, July 19, 1915:

Air War

Western Front: Guynemer’s first victory (of 54) with gunner Guerder (wounded), an Aviatik near Soissons. Promoted to sergeant and awarded Medaille Militaire.

Western Front

Foch’s note to GQG urges ‘precise and defined objectives’ for future attacks.
Flanders: British mine redoubt at Hooge and occupy it, but two more attacks fail on July 22. German attack on July 24 fails also.

Eastern Front

Poland: STAVKA tells Alexeiev: ‘You can evacuate Warsaw, if you feel you must’.
Baltic Provinces: Special commission arrives in Riga to remove industry.

African Fronts

North Cameroons: Allies occupy Tingere and repel 154 German soldiers on July 23.

Sea War

Adriatic: German UC13 reaches Pola by rail and is assembled as cargo subma­rine.


Anglo-Netherlands Overseas Trust Agreement.

Home Fronts

Britain: Government insurance against air and naval bombardment begins. Kent training scheme for leisured ladies to do weekend munitions work.

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