Diary July 19, 1940

Members of the Reichstag during Hitler's speech from 19 July
Members of the Reichstag during Hitler’s speech at Kroll Opera from July 19. It is hard to find someone who didn’t have a uniform of the German Armed Forces or organization of the NSDAP party.
Diary for Friday, July 19, 1940:


Germany: HITLER‘S ‘LAST APPEAL TO REASON’ speech in Reichstag, Berlin, says Britain has no sensible alternative but to reach peace agreement; (Britain rejects, July 22).

Home Fronts

Germany: The Führer creates 19 new Field Marshals.

Air War

Me 109Es overwhelm squadron of Defiant two-seat fighters (6 lost, 1 damaged) south of Folkestone. Four Do 17 bombers bomb Rolls-Royce engine factory at Glasgow.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Battle of Cape Spada. Italian cruisers Bartolomeo Colleoni and Giovanni delle Bande Nere (world’s fastest cruisers) intercepted off Crete by Australian cruiser Sydney and five destroyers; Colleoni sunk, Sydney damaged.


USATwo-Ocean Navy Bill signed by President Roosevelt: warships totaling 1,325,000 t and 15,000 naval aircraft authorized.

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