Diary July 2, 1918

US troopships heead for Europe
US troopships heead for Europe. The convoy systen was so successful tat not one loaded US troopship was lost.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 2, 1918:


USA: Wilson declares that over 1 million Americans have sailed for France (only 8,165 casualties out of 1,019,115 US troops sent).
Britain: Allied 7th Allied Supreme War Council. Allied Parliamentary Commercial Conference in London on postwar anti­-German trade steps.
Germany: Kaiser and Chancellor at Spa war aims conference veto proposed U­-boat blockade of US East Coast, but Soviet Black Sea Fleet remnants to be German-crewed. Ludendorff wants colonies, citizenship and conscription for German-speaking Russians.
France: Pershing attends Canadian Corps’ Dominion Day celebration.

Southern Fronts

Piave (Mt Grappa sector): 3 Italian brigades recapture Col del Migio and Mt Solaroli but lose latter to counter-attack. Italian 4th and 54th divisions clear Austrians from between old and new river delta channels, taking 3000 PoWs, 20 guns and 80 MGs unti July 6.
Salonika: Franchet d’Esperey receives Paris directive for local attacks before autumn offensive. Clemenceau soothes British at Supreme War Council over his unilateral action (exchange of C-in-C). British ration strength 162,332 lowest since November 1, 1916.

Sea War

Germany: Kaiser refuses to extend unrestricted U-boat war to US waters, but 3 U-cruisers operate according to prize rules, sink c.100,000t of shipping (June 7 – October), 42 steamers and small craft.

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