Diary July 23, 1918

French cavalrymen pass British soldiers
French cavalrymen pass British soldiers. The cavalry were still held in reserve in case of the breakthrough that never came.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 23, 1918:

Western Front

Champagne and Marne: German defence tenacious by 27 divisions in line; French advance on 2-mile front north of river Ourcq, across Lassons-Chateau-Thierry road to reach Faux; south of the Ourcq they advance on Fere-en­-Tardenois, British recapture Marfaux. Foch letter to Petain urges one main thrust on Fere­en-Tardenois.
SommeBattle of Moreuil or Sauvillers: French 3rd Division (1891 casualties) with 36 British tanks (11 disabled) advance 2 miles on 4-mile front towards Avre valley, capture 3 villages, 1858 PoWs, 5 guns and 275 MGs.

Eastern Front

USSR: Helfferich (ex-Interior Minister) new German Ambassador to Moscow (arrives July 28).
Siberia: Government Council at Omsk proclaims independence, restores Duma and landowners, annuls Red decrees and appeals for Allied recognition on July 25.

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: U-boat sinks AMC HMS Marmora (100 lives lost) off South Ireland.
North Sea: King George again visits Grand Fleet.

Air War

Western Front: Allied losses over Marne (since July 16) 150 aircraft and 6 balloons to 27 German (since July 15). RAF Sopwith Camel night fighter (Captain A Yuille) forces down a Gotha bomber over Etaples (3 PoWs), first of No 151 Squadron’s 26 bomber victims without loss (until November 11).

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