Diary June 10, 1918

Sinking of 'Szent Istvan'
Sinking of ‘Szent Istvan’ by two Italian torpedo boats.
World War One Diary for Monday, June 10, 1918:

Sea War

Adriatic: 2 Italian MAS boats attack and MAS 15 (Rizzo) capsizes and sinks Austrian battleship Szent Istvan (89 die) off Premuda Island despite 7 escort torpedo boats; Austrian Fleet (3 other battleships) abandons sortie to Lower Adriatic for smashing Otranto Barrage.
North Sea: Harwich Force begins nightly sweeps into Heligoland Bight despite British mine risk.

Western Front

Noyon-Montdidier: Germans gain another 2 miles, Humbert withdraws 38th and 15th divisions 6 miles south to north of Laigue Forest (northeast of Compiegne). Foch urges Fayolle to launch Mangin’s counter-stroke without delay.

Air War

Occupied Belgium: RAF No 214 Squadron Handley Pages bomb Thourout rail junction, Bruges docks and steelworks, Zeebrugge lock and canal (night June 10-11).
Britain­: 469 anti-aircraft guns ready for action with 622 searchlights manned by 6,136 gunners out of 13,405 personnel in home air defence.

Middle East

Caucasus: Turk 9th Caucasian Division clashes with German­-Georgian force at Vorontsovka, south of Tiflis and drives it back.

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