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Diary June 19, 1940

motorcade is crossing a bridge
A motorcade is crossing a bridge, which was built by German engineers.
Diary for Wednesday, June 19, 1940:

Western Front

Germans capture Brest naval base, and begin crossing river Loire on broad front. Cadets of Saumur Cavalry School under Colonel Michon prevent German 1st Cavalry Division from crossing Loire.

Air War

Italian aircraft raid Bizerta. Germans bomb Bordeaux: 63 killed, 180 injured (night June 19-20).

Sea War

19,000 Polish and British troops evacuated from Bayonne and St Jean-de-Luz, near Franco-Spanish border (operation completed June 25).

Home Fronts

Britain: Children’s Overseas Reception Board established to send 20,000 schoolchildren to the Dominions for the duration of the war.

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