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Diary June 28, 1918

Attack of German Fokker Dr. triplanes and Fokker DVII fighters
Attack of German Fokker Dr. triplanes and Fokker DVII fighters over the Western Front.
World War One Diary for Friday, June 28, 1918:

Air War

Western Front: Germans claim 31 Allied aircraft for loss of 2 including record (so far) 23 victories in single army (Seventh) sector.

Western Front

Aisne: Franco-American local counter-attack gains three villages and 1,200 PoWs on edge of Villers-Cotterets forest.
Flanders – Action of La Becque: substantial raid by 5th and 31st divisions of British First Army northwest of Bethune advances nearly 1 mile on 3 1/2-mile front’ 440 PoWs.
France: US Army Chemical Warfare Service created.

Eastern Front

USSR: Sovnarkom decrees nationali­zation of major industry (c.2,000 firms).
North Russia: Sir E Geddes on visit reports to Prime Minster that 5,000 troops via Archangel can reach Vologda rail junction and join Czechs.
South Russia: Maj­or-General Malleson’s Trans-Caspia Mission leaves Simla (India) for Meshed.

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