Diary March 1, 1942

HMS Exeter shortly before sinking
HMS Exeter shortly before sinking after she was heavily damaged by 4 Japanese heavy cruisers.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, March 1, 1942:

Sea War

Pacific: HMS Exeter sunk by Japanese cruisers and destroyers south of Borneo. US destroyer Pope crippled by dive bombers and sunk by gunfire. 2 Japanese task forces (including 4 carriers and 2 fast battleships) under Admirals Nagumo and Kondo wreak havoc among Allied shipping around Java. 9 warships and 10 merchant ships sunk and 3 merchant ships captured (March 1-7). Ships sunk include 3 destroyers – USS Edsall, Pillsbury and HMS Stronghold – and naval tanker Pecos (carrying survivors from old carrier USS Langley).

Eastern Front

Southern sector: Russians counter-attack in the Crimea.

Air War

Mediterranean: Severe raids on Malta. RAF night raid on shipping at Tripoli.

Home Fronts

USA: Death of Cornelius Vanderbilt III, multi-millionaire railway magnate, inventor and soldier; aged 68.

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