Diary March 16, 1915

Lord Kitchener
The highly respected war minister, Lord Kitchener.
Diary for Tuesday, March 16, 1915:

Western Front

Champagne: French storm crest north of Mesnil and repulse counter-attacks all along Fourth Army front, 48th Division gains Yellow Wood and in Sabot Wood until next day.

Eastern Front

Russian Northwest Front steadfast ordered.

Middle East

Britain: Kitchener memo to Cabinet urges annexation of Alexan­dretta, Aleppo and Mesopotamia.


Romania: Government refuses the Russian request for eventual passage of troops, calls up 1909-15 conscription classes on March 18.

Home Fronts

Belgium: Industrial base set up at Le Havre.
Britain: Government arms factory powers extended to all potential munition plants; War Departments can requisition on March 23.

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