Diary March 18, 1945

US artillery bombarding German positions
US artillery bombarding German positions on the eastern bank of the Rhine.
Diary for Sunday, March 18, 1945:

Western Front

US tanks enter Bad Kreuznach and Bingen.

Air War

Germany: 1,221 US bombers (25 lost) and 700 escorts (5 lost) drop 4,000 t. bombs on Berlin despite heavy flak and numerous Me 262 jet fighters.
Hawker Typhoon fighter-bombers of RAF 2nd TAF attack Headquarters of Generals Blaskowitz and Christiansen in Holland with bombs and rockets.

Russian Front

Pomerania: Polish 1st Army takes Kolberg after 75,000 Germans evacuated.

Sea War

Japan: TF 58 attacks Kure Naval Base and airfields in South Japan.
Philippines: Americans land on Panay.

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