Diary November 13, 1916

crater of a single mine explosion
The crater of a single mine explosion during the Somme battle.
World War One Diary for Monday, November 13, 1941:

Western Front

Battle of the SommeBattle of the Ancre begins (until November 18): with 10 divisions, 5 tanks and 282 heavy guns in wet fog at 0545 hours Fifth Army (Gough) storms Beaumont Hamel (1,200 PoWs) also St Pierre Divion and Beaucourt in mile-deep advance. 30,000lb ammonal mine detonated at Hawthorn Crater; c.360 men of 3rd Battalion German 62nd Regiment buried alive. Operation until November 14 directed by Lieutenant-Colonel Freyberg, RND (thrice wounded and wins VC). Australian-born writer and RND Coy Company Commander F S Kelly killed at Beaucourt.

Eastern Front

Transylvania: Falkenhayn takes Kimpulung south of Toerzburg and retakes railhead south of Vulcan Pass.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: After fog lifts Serb troops reach ridges east of Crna and Monastir taking 600 German PoWs, forcing General Winckler to evacuate Kenali valley position (held since early October) during night November 14-15.

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