Diary November 22, 1916

merchant raider Seeadler
The merchant raider ‘Seeadler’ made a successfull cruise and captured 15 Allied merchant ships in the Atlantic and Pacific in 225 days. She was a three-masted windjammer built in Scotland as the ‘Pass of Balmaha’. The ship was wrecked on a reef in the South Pacific and the crew eventually interned in Chile.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 22, 1916:

Sea War

North Sea: The only sailing raider of the World Wars; German square-rigged Seeadler leaves Germany for South Seas disguised as Norwegian timber ship (had been British-built 1878 and US­ owned until U-36 captured her July 24, 1915). Crew hides among cargo as ship passes through British Northern Patrol.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Austro-Germans retake Orsova on Danube. Captain Picht seizes and just holds Turnu Severin against Rumanian 1st Division until relieved by Austrian cyclist brigade on November 24.

Air War

Western Front: RFC destroy 2 German aircraft.

Oval@3x 2

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