Diary October 30, 1916

Ontranto barrage across the Adriatic
British vessels at anchor in the southern Italian port of Taranto. They are part of the Ontranto barrage across the Adriatic.
World War One Diary for Monday, October 30, 1916:

Sea War

Adriatic: Allied Taranto conference on Otranto Barrage ducks single commander question but Italians will transfer 22 trawlers from Tyrrhenian, plus add 18 small torpedo boats and 38 aircraft (30 French aircrafts at Corfu).
Britain: Royal Navy has 47 a-ships, from drifters to medium-size steamers.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British Reserve Army redesignated Fifth Army and reinforced with guns from Third Army and all available 52 Tank Mk I‘s for limited ops astride Ancre Valley.

Middle East

Arabia: Sherif Hussein proclaims himself ‘King of the Arab Lands’; Anglo-French protests.

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