Diary September 26, 1917

Australian Army Vickers machine-gun team
An Australian Army Vickers machine-gun team engages a low-flying enemy aircraft.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, September 26, 1917:

Western Front

Ypres – Battle of Polygon Wood (until October 3): British 0550 hours thrust (15,000 casualties) including 5 tanks and Anzac troops, gains almost all 1,200 yards planned, smashes 3 German Reserve divisions (12.5% casualties) in four counter-attacks and takes 1,600 PoWs. Described as ‘A day of heavy fighting, accompanied by every circumstances that could cause us loss’ by Ludendorff.

Air War

Ypres: Royal Flying Corps reports or ranges 260 German batteries. Both sides make low-flying attacks on troops (MGs bring down 5 of 11 German aircraft lost in day).

Sea War

Irish Sea: Royal Navy PC61 rams and sinks UC-33 in St George’s Channel.

Home Fronts

Greece: Venizelos resigns War Ministry.
Canada: ­Conscription in force.
Britain: 75 strikes reported since September 19.
Russia: Central Georgian Council formed.

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