Diary February 15, 1915

General August von Mackensen
General August von Mackensen (left) is one of Germany’s must successful commanders on the Eastern Front. He is leading the Ninth Army which attacks toward Warsaw. In fact, it’s just a diversionary attack designed to mislead the Russians as to the true nature of the running German and Austro-Hungarian offensives in East Prussia and Galicia.
Diary for Monday, February 15, 1915:

Eastern Front

Poland: Gallwitz occupies Plotsk on Vistula, beats Russians and attacks Przasnysz fortress on February 17. German XXI Corps marches 22 miles (ca. 35 km) to envelop 70,000 Russians in Augustow Forest (trapped on February 17).
Carpathians: Böhm-Ermolli takes over enlarged Austrian Second Army (60,700 infantrymen).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Albanian irregular soldiers advance into south Serbia reported, but driven back across frontier next day.

African Fronts

Tripolitania: Italians arrive at Beni Ulid having abandoned Bu Ngeim southwest of Sirte. They reoccupy Gadames Oasis on Tunisian border after a fighting advance since January 13.


Britain: Government answer US note to German blockade. Anglo-French Agreement supplements November 9, 1914, Prize Convention.
German-British disabled PoW exchange.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill in House of Commons: ‘… we expect the (Dardanelles) losses will be confined within manageable limits …’.
Singapore: 5th Indian Light Infantry mutiny until February 18. 39 Europeans killed, 37 mutineers executed.


USA: Rockefeller Foundation‘s War Relief Committee report published.

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