Diary July 27, 1914

Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary
Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria-Hungary – the symbol of the ‘old order’.
World War One Diary for Monday, July 27, 1914:

Austrian Foreign Minister Berchtold refuses to take Serb ultimatum reply as basis for future discussions. Austria decides to declare war on Serbia next day.
The Emperor tells Baron Giesl: ‘We are not at war yet, and if I can, I shall prevent it’. Berchtold reports Serb attack on Austrian troops and shipping at Temes-Kubin, but found to be false rumor.
Vienna Stock Exchange closed.

Tsar cables Belgrade that Russia not indifferent to Serbia’s fate, proposes discussions with Vienna.

France and Italy accept British proposal of July 24, but Germany refuses. After seeing German Ambassador British Foreign Minister Grey outlines Four-Power mediation to Commons.

Germany says she has taken mediators steps. The Kaiser returns to Potsdam by train, not told of Germany’s rejection of mediation.

In Morocco General Lyautey telephoned by Paris to evacuate Protectorate except coast and send all troops to France. Lyautey says: ‘A war among Europeans is a civil war. It is the most monumental folly the world has ever committed’.

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