Diary August 27, 1914

artillery turrets in Tsingato
German artillery turrets in Tsingtao, the port of the Jiaozhou Bay.
War Diary of World War One for Thursday, August 27, 1914

Sea War

Tsingtao: Imperial Japanese Navy Second Fleet begins blockade and seizes three offshore islands. Its strength is 4 dreadnoughts, 4 battlecruisers, 13 cruisers, 24 destroyers, 4 gunboats and 13 minesweepers – but a typhoon sinks a destroyer next day.

Western Front

France: French abandon Lille and Charleville-Mezieres on river Meuse. Newly formed French Sixth Army (Maunoury) takes over from d’Amade on Allied left in Somme valley. BEF (1,180 casualties) reaches St Quentin. 2 battalions prevented from surrendering there.
Moltke radios orders (French intercept) for general advance, Kluck towards lower Seine.
Flanders: British Royal Marines brigade lands at Ostend but re-embark on August 31.
Meuse: French Fourth Army blocks German Fourth Army crossing over the river until next day.
Vosges: Germans enter St Die.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Francois smashes Russian I Corps and turns on Samsonov’s left wing taking Soldau. Rennenkampf ordered to help, his 1st Cavalry Division captures Korschen rail junction.
Poland: ­Austrian Fourth Army takes Zamosc, but Don Cossacks rout 2 Austrian cavalry divisons over 6-10 miles.
Galicia: Russians capture Tarnopol and Halicz (on Dniester).


Turkey: German General Liman von Sanders is made commander of the Turkish First Army in Thrace.

Home Fronts

Britain: Censorship of mails begins.
France: Viviani Cabinet reshuffle: Briand becomes Deputy Prime Minister, Millerand War Minister (replaces Messimy).
Germany: Victory communique says ‘the enemy is in full retreat and is unable to offer serious resistance’.

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