Diary December 14, 1914

Enver Pasha
Enver Pasha, an ardent expansionist and Turkish Army deputy commander-in-chief.
War Diary World War One for Monday, December 14, 1914:

Middle East

Armenia: Enver Pasha arrives at Köprüköy, takes Third Army from Hasan Izzet.
Tsar decorates 1,200 men from Front.

Western Front

Flanders: French 32nd and 16th Divisions attack near Klein Zillebeke. British 3rd Division advance in Petit Bois south of Wytschaete.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrians recross river Sava at Belgrade until next day, covered by monitors as Serbs storm heights to south.

Secret War

Eastern Front: Russians change cipher alphabets, later adopt Caesar cipher, to no avail.
North Sea: Thanks to Room 40, Admiralty warns Jellicoe of imminent German High Seas Fleet sortie.

Sea War

Baltic: 4 Russian cruisers and a minelayer lay 424 mines at entrance to Gulf of Danzig until next day.

Home Fronts

Turkey: Sultan opens Parliament, ex-Khedive of Egypt present.

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