Diary December 22, 1939

Eduard Daladier
The French Prime Minister Eduard Daladier plays an unfortunate part. He advocated a policy of détente, signed the Munich Agreement and declared on September 3, 1939 – without the consent of Parliament – war on Germany. After the French defeat in 1940 he will be charged by a show trial.
War Diary WW2 for Friday, December 22, 1939:

Home Fronts

France: Chamber of Deputies votes credits of 304,000,000,000 Francs for the production of armaments in 1940.
Prime Minister Daladier announces the strengthening of the Maginot Line and the completion of new fortifications in northern France and the Jura Mountains.

Sea War

British Ministry of Economic Warfare announces that the Allied Contraband Control has detained 870,000 tons of goods destined for Germany, since September 3.

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