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Diary October 27, 1944

US soldiers on Leyte
Two US soldiers in Leyte, heavily loaded with communications equipment. They are under small arms fire from isolated Japanese strong points and snipers who put up there a brave defense against the Americans.
War Diary for Friday, October 27, 1944:

Air War

Pacific: Tacloban airstrip (Leyte) operational: 9th USAAF Fighter Squadron flies first mission by Philippines-based US fighters since 1942.
Europe: Field Marshal von Richthofen, ex-commander of elite close-support force, Flieger­korps VIII in France, Balkans and Russia, and cousin of the ‘Red Baron’, forced to retire from command of Luftflotte 2 in Italy following brain surgery.

Western Front

British capture Tilburg; Canadians take Bergen-op-Zoom.


Spain: Army launches cam­paign against Republican invasion force in Pyrenees.

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