Diary September 21, 1914

German infantry in open formation
German infantry is waiting for the signal to advance in open formation to reduce casualties from enemy fire.
War Diary of World War One for Monday, September 21, 1914:

Western Front

French reoccupy Noyon and dispute Lassigny until next day. Bavarian III Corps advance on St Mihiel, thus creating salient till September 1918. But Sarrail blocks its advance west of Meuse on Bar-le-Duc until September 24.

Eastern Front

East Prussian Frontier: German Eighth Army reaches river Niemen frontier and drives Russians across it on September 24.
Galicia­: Plehve’s Fifth Army takes Jaroslav on river San.

Sea War

Atlantic: Cruiser Karlsruhe sinks neutral Dutch SS Maria with wheat for Belfast and British SS Cornish City.

Far East

German New Guinea­: German troops surrender. Australians had 10 casualties, Germans 42.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: BSA and Rhodesia police occupy German Caprivi Strip capital (Schuckmannsburg).
Cameroons: French gunboat Surprise lands 600 troops to take Ukoko.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill recruiting speech to 15,000 people at Liverpool, German Navy to be dug out ‘like rats in a hole’.

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