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Diary April 10, 1916

Position of a German 7.7-cm field gun 96
Position of a German 7.7-cm field gun 96, which is temporarily used as anti-aircraft gun and can fire up to an altitude of 13,945 ft.
Diary for Monday, April 10, 1916:

Air War

Ypres: German anti-aircraft fire downs Royal Flying Corps Morane Parasol from 8,000 ft.

Western Front

Champagne: German Alpenkorps (from ex-Macedonian Front) receives reinforcements.
Verdun: German advance on Mort Homme, but one German division takes 2,200 casualties. Rain (until April 21) turns ground into thigh-deep morass.

Eastern Front

Orthodox Easter: 4 Russian Eighth Army rifle regiments fraternize with Austrians who take 135 as POWs.
Death of General Plehve, ex-North Front C-in-C (aged 65).

Southern Fronts

Salonika: British cavalry troop (Sherwood Rangers) ambush 2 German cavalry troops southeast of Doiran station in first real clash since 1915.
Trentino: Austrian Eleventh Army (8 divisions) now concentrated.

Middle East

Mesopotamia, Kut: Daily grain ration reduced to only 50z from 80z, the 9,239 Indian soldiers finally accept horsemeat.

African Fronts

East Africa: South Africans troops occupy Madukani, south of lake Mangara.


Britain: Asquith addresses French deputies visiting London.
British report on Wittenberg PoW camp published (typhus among 15,000 in early 1915).

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