Diary July 5, 1915

 Italian dead are examined by Austro-Hungarians
The bodies of Italian dead are examined by Austro-Hungarians in the First Battle of the Isonzo.
Diary for Monday, July 5, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian Second and Third Armies attack from 1800 hours on whole line from Podgora to Doberdo Plateau (Carso) with 6:1 superiority, but gain scarcely a mile although Austrian battalions reduced to 1/2 strength on vital Carso sector. Austrian 4th and 5th Mountain Brigades eject Re and Casale Brigades from Heights 205 and 240 overlooking Gorizia where Italians lose 4,000 men. Italian losses 14,947 (1,500 PoWs); Austrian 9,948.

Secret War

Isonzo: Austrians first read Italian red cipher (acquired before war), but key changed on July 20.

Western Front

Artois: French poet and writer Jean-Marc Bernard killed, aged 33, by shell taking rations up to front line at Souchez.

Eastern Front

Russian counter-offensive halts Mackensen’s advance on Lublin-Kholm.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Helles bridgehead: British repulse Turks.
Dardanelles Committee decides to send 2 more divisions, Kitchener says war over as soon as Peninsula captured.
Mesopotamia: Gorringe’s 1,719 men (later 4,600 with 26 guns and 1 plane) attack towards Nasiriya, resume operations 6 miles (ca. 10 km) south on July 14, beats Turk 35th Division (July 24) inflicting over 2,000 casualties and taking 15 guns and occupies town on July 25.

African Fronts

Tripolitania: All Italian inland garrisons ordered to Homs and Tripoli on coast until August 5; Senussi have 30,000 rifles and 19 guns.

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