Diary July 6, 1915

British Vickers machine-gun crew with 'Hypo Helmets'.
British Vickers machine-gun crew with ‘Hypo Helmets’.
Diary for Tuesday, July 6, 1915:

Western Front

Entire BEF now equipped with sack-like ‘Hypo Helmet‘, a crude counter-measure against tear gas (T-Stoff) shells.
Flanders: Kitchener visits the front until July 8. British storm trenches between Boesinghe and Ypres.
Meuse: Slight German gains at Vaux Fery near St Mihiel.

Eastern Front

Poland: German Ninth Army gas attack (1,450 casualties) on river Bzura fails.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: 8 Austrian divisions and 350 guns face 18 Italian divisions with 700 guns but morale of former boosted by defensive success.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Botha gives Governor Seitz draft surrender terms and deadline July 9, 2am.

Sea War

East Africa: British monitors Severn and Mersey (hit twice, 3 killed) fire 635 rounds at German light cruiser Königsberg (hit 6 times) in 8-hour action.


Anglo-French Calais Conference until next day.

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