Diary April 28, 1916

Italian monitor 'Faa di Bruno'
One of the 1916-17 constructed Italian monitors (Batteria semovente = Mobile Batteries) is ‘Faa di Bruno’.
Diary for Friday, April 28, 1916:

Sea War

Italy: Navy commissions its first of 10 wartime monitors (mainly converted captured Austrian barges or lighters).

Middle East

Mesopotamia, Kut: ­Townshend offers £2 millions (increase prompted by T.E. Lawrence), his 50 guns and promise not to fight Turks for duration of war for his men’s freedom. Khalil prepared to accept but Enver Pasha wants absolute surrender.


USA: Scheele and other Germans indicted for conspiracy to destroy munition ships.
British agreement with Chicago International Harvester Corp.

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