Diary April 29, 1915

house bombed by airship
Onlookers gather in front of a house that was bombed by a German airship.
Diary for Thursday, April 29, 1915:

Air War

Britain: First raid by German Army Zeppelin: LZ38 (Linnarz) drops IB’s at Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (opportunity targets); some damage including 3 casualties (night April 29-30).

Western Front

Flanders: Foch asks Sir J French to await result of imminent French attack before withdrawing to new British line. Belgian guns smash 3 German boat bridges across the Yser.

Middle East

Sinai: 100 men of Bikanir Camel Corps inflict 42 casualties on c.250 Turks and Bedouin east of Suez Canal.

Home fronts

Britain: Lloyd George sets limits on alcohol sale and increased duties.

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