Diary April 3, 1942

 Beaufighter Mk IF on Malta
A tough defender of Malta, this Beaufighter Mk IF is ready for a mission.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, April 3, 1942:

Air War

Mediterranean: General Quaade, Luftwaffe spokesman, admits that the Luftwaffe has been unable to neutralize Malta because of its ‘tremendously strong’ anti-aircraft defences and subterranean storerooms – ‘but you cannot expect the Luftwaffe to sink the island with bombs’.
Arctic: German bombers destroy 2 ships from Arctic Convoy PQ.13, at Murmansk.


Philippines: Japanese forces, with strong air support, launch final offensive against American-Filipino line in Bataan.

Occupied Territories

Norway: Bishop Berggrav of Oslo forcibly prevented from preaching in his cathedral and placed under house arrest.

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