Diary April 30, 1945

US tanks in Munich
Tanks of the US 7th Army are moving on that day on the Dachauer street in Munich.
Diary for Monday, April 30, 1945:

Western Front

Munich captured by US 7th Army.

Russian Front

Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide in Führerbunker beneath Reichs Chancellery, Berlin, at 3.30 pm. Cremated with burning petrol in Chancellery Garden. Russian artillery bombards Chancellery; advancing infantry now only two blocks away.


Tito’s Partisans occupy Trieste.

Sea War

Japanese convoy annihilated by British destroyers in Indian Ocean.
Merchant shipping losses in April 1945: 19 Allied ships with 81,690 tons in the Atlantic, 3 Allied ship with 22,822 tons elsewhere.
52 Japanese ships with 125,673 tons in Pacific.
55 U-boats sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic (worldwide total of 60 losses), 9 new U-boats operational, 435 U-boats of all types total in service.

Occupied countries

Holland: Seyss-Inquart meets Allied representatives to discuss preven­tion of starvation amongst civil population.

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