Diary April 4, 1940

Arthur Neville Chamberlain
Arthur Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940), British Prime Minister. A well-meaning, high-principled career politician, whose foreign policy might fairly be summed up as ‘appeasement at any price’, which, at the time, appealed to the vast majority in a country unprepared for war.
Diary for Thursday, April 4, 1940:

Home Fronts

Britain: Chamberlain tells Conservative Party meeting in London that, by not taking maximum advantage of Germany’s military superiority over Britain in September 1939, Hitler ‘missed the bus’.
British trade with the Balkans to be fostered by new trading corporation (attempt to combat German economic penetration of the Balkans).
Germany: Goering broad­casts to German young people: Germany will strike decisive blow against Britain and France and create the world’s greatest empire; German youth must behave with decency and morality ‘not only in the light of day but also in the blackout !’.

Air War

RAF bombers attack German destroyers off Wilhelmshaven.

Sea War

Norwegian passenger ship Mira reaches home port after surviving numerous German air attacks during 6-day, tortuous crossing of North Sea. None of 107 passengers and crew seriously injured.

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