Diary April 4, 1944

Bf 109 G-6 of the Rumanian Air Force.
Bf 109 G-6 of the Rumanian Air Force.
WW2 War Diary for April 4, 1944:

Air War

Eastern Europe: Bucharest marshalling yards ‘blitzed’ by heavily escorted 15th AF B-17 Fortress and B-24 Liberator bombers (20 lost); fighters attack in strength. Civilian casualties: 2,942 killed, 2,126 injured.

Occupied Territories

France: De Gaulle appointed ‘Head of Armed Forces’. Resistance halts production at Bronzavia aircraft components plant near Paris.
Greece: Greek brigade (in Egypt) mutinies; led by Communists. British troops blockade camp until April 24. Greeks kill 1 British officer.

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