Diary April 6, 1942

 light carrier Ryujo
The light carrier Ryujo suffered from stability problems, stemming largely from the topweight of a double hangar upon what was in essence a slim cruiser hull.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, April 6, 1942:

Sea War

Indian Ocean: Three squadrons of Japanese cruisers and destroyers ravage Allied shipping in Bay of Bengal – sinking 16 vessels. Planes from carrier Ryujo sink 3 more and also bomb small Indian ports of Cocanada and Vizagapatam.

Air War

Mediterranean: Night raid on Alexandria (132 casualties).
Germany: 212 RAF bombers attacking Cologne and dropping 313t of bombs.

Home Fronts

Germany: Bread, meat and fat (i.e., margarine) rations cut, inc. quantities allowed to heavy industrial workers and infants.


Britain: Italian liners Saturnia and Vulcania arrive at Gibraltar en route for Somaliland, where they are to repatriate 11,000 Italian colonists. 2 other passenger ships sent later in month (return Italy, July 1942).

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