Diary July 2, 1940

amphibious verhicle LWS
Exercises with the tracked amphibious vehicle LWS for the transportation of 88-mm Flak guns to the coast, pictured in July 1940 on the German island of Sylt.
Diary for Tuesday, July 2, 1940:

Sea War

British liner Arandora Star (15,501 t), carrying 1,500 Italian and German internees and PoWs to Canada, sunk by U-boat U-47 west of Ireland. Panic-stricken passengers fight for places in lifeboats (670 dead).
Hitler makes first tentative plans for seaborne invasion of England.

Occupied countries

Poland: General Sikorski issues Order of the Day to Polish Forces in Britain: ‘We shall continue to fight with an iron will until victory is won.’

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