Diary April 8, 1918

British troops blinded by gas
British troops blinded by gas await medical treatment and evacuation to the rear.
World War One Diary for Monday, April 8, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders: Germans shell whole BEF front including 40,000 mustard shells on Armientieres. Portuguese battalion refuses to march to trenches (relief due evening April 9).
Aisne: Germans reoccupy Coucy Ie Chateau, reach Oise-Aisne canal line on April 9.


Mozambique: Rosecol reconnaissance coy skirmish east of Medo (84 miles from coast). Gambia Coy returns home to Bathurst.

Home Fronts

USA: National War Labor Board appointed.
Turkey­: Constantinople housing rents fixed at 50% of March 1, 1916 level for war plus 6 months, but law largely dead letter.
France­: First Renault FT-17 tank battalion formed with 72 tanks.

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