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Diary April 7, 1943

Ki-44-Ic Shoki
A rare Ki-44-Ic Shoki prepares for launch in Southwest Pacific region.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, April 7, 1943:

Air War

Pacific – Operation I: massive Japanese air strike against Allied shipping off Guadalcanal. US destroyer Aaron Ward, HMNZS Moa and tanker sunk; second tanker and transport damaged. Similar raids off New Guinea (2 transports sunk).

Sea War

Mediterranean: Submarine Rorqual and minelayer Abdiel lay minefields off Tunisia to hamper Axis troop convoys.


Bolivia: Government declares war on Germany, Italy and Japan.
Cuba: Litvinov arrives in Havana to become first Soviet Minister there.
Germany: Hitler and Mussolini confer; Doenitz in attendance.


Tunisia: British 9th Brigade attacks Fondouk Pass.

Home Fronts

Britain: Publication of Keynes’ Plan for international banking agreement.
USA: Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau’s Plan for stabilization of international finance published by Office of War Information.

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