Diary August 12, 1915

'Little Willie'
‘Little Willie’ in pristine form at the William Foster and Co works in Lincoln, complete with the original form of wheeled steering tail.
Diary for Thursday, August 12, 1915:

Secret War

Britain – First tank begun: No 1 Lincoln or Tritton Machine called ‘Little Willie‘, moves on tracks on September 8).
Lloyd George orders 1,000 Stokes mortars.
Italian Front­: Austrians have solved 63 Italian messages since July 5, soon capture field radio instructions, 50-70 solutions per day.

Eastern Front

Alexeiev’s Northwest Front evacuates Sokolov, Syedlets and Lukow in a 15-mile retreat east of Warsaw.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbian artillery shells Semlin and Panchevo in retaliation for Austrian bombardment of Belgrade.

Middle East

Gallipoli: Lieutenant Compton Mackenzie of Royal Navy Division invalided out from GHO with dysentery (12,968 cases during August) to Athens.

Sea War

Palestine: French cruiser destroys munition factory near Jaffa.

Air War

Britain: 3­ Zeppelin raids on East Suffolk and Essex (night August 12-13, 30 civilian casualties).
Dardanelles – First ship torpedoed from air: Short 184 float plane (Edmonds) from carrier Ben-my-chree torpedoes beached 5000t Turk steamer in Sea of Marmara (2 other vessels torpedoed and 1 sunk on August 17).


USA: Government replies to Austria claims ‘munitions export not infringing neutrality’.

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