Diary August 14, 1917

 ruins of Termond
Civilians in the ruins of Termond in Belgium.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, August 14, 1917:

Eastern Front

Rumania: German Alpenkorps storms Height 334 as Russian VIII Corps flees.

Sea War

Germany: Scheer writes to Navy Minister Capelle urging a ‘political prosecution’ of the USPD (Independent Social Demo­cratic Party) to expose ‘the roots of the evil’ in the Navy.
North Sea: HM Special Service smack Nelson (Crisp posthum Victoria Cross) and trawlers Ethel and Millie sunk in gun duel with U­-boat on Jim Hove Bank.
Mediterranean: ­Allied naval conference at Malta extends Calthorpe’s command to Red Sea and Cape St Vincent. Commander Heneage replaces Kerr in command of Adriatic Force. Rear-Admiral Fremantle replaces Thursby in command of Aegean Sea.


Germany: At Berlin Conference Germans reject Czernin’s peace offer of Poland and Galicia for conces­sions in West.

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