Diary August 18, 1916

U-boat greets battlecruisers
German U-boat greets running past battlecruisers.
Diary for Friday, August 18, 1916:

Sea War

North Sea: Whole High Seas Fleet puts to sea (until August 19) for penultimate time until April 1918 with aim of shelling Sunderland and drawing British warships onto five lines of U-boats (24 in all); 8 Zeppelins scout. Royal Navy submarine E23 (one of 25 subs on patrol) puts 2 torpedoes into battleship Westfalen (one of 18 battleships and pre-dreadnoughts, together with 2 battlecruisers) forcing her back to port, but Scheer persists and Room 40 aided Jellicoe has sailed to meet him at 1700 hours, 5 hours before Scheer sorties.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British 33rd Division attack at High Wood fails (German counter-attack, also August 23 and 24), British advances towards Ginchy and Guillemont.

Eastern Front

Falkenhayn, Conrad and Enver sign convention for action against Rumania.

Southern Fronts

Macedonia: Bulgars take Florina.

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