Diary August 22, 1915

 German small A class coastal torpedo boat
A German small A class coastal torpedo boat, which were sent in sections to Antwerp and assembled there during 1915.
Diary for Sunday, August 22, 1915:

Sea War

North Sea: 2 French destroyers sink German A15 coastal torpedo boat near Ostend (night August 22-23).

Western Front

Vosges: French gains include trenches on Tingenkopf and Barrenkopf.

Eastern Front

Pripet: Austrian Fourth Army occupies Kovel.
Poland: Russians evacuate Osovyets, blow up defenses.

African Fronts

West Africa: Dahomey Rebellion against French (until February 15, 1916).

Home Fronts

Italy: Munition disputes regulations and committees formed.
Russia: Progressive Bloc formed in Duma.

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