Diary August 23, 1916

 airfield of Jasta 2
An airfield of Jasta 2.
Diary for Wednesday, August 23, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: Germans form first regular fighter squadron Jasta 1 (Captain Martin Zander), Boelcke’s Jasta 2 (August 30), both and two more units assigned to Somme.
Britain: Army Zeppelin LZ97 scatters 34 bombs over Suffolk (night 23/24, no casualties).

Southern Fronts

Carnic Alps: Italian XVIII Corps begins advance to drive Austrians from Fassa Alp, captures Mt Cauriol (August 27).

Middle East

Mesopotamia, PersiaBattle of Rayat: Russians defeat Turks who lose 2,300 PoWs.

African Fronts

East Africa: Smuts’ main advance resumes from Dakawa, but 2nd SA Mounted Brigade checked at Mlali (August 24-26) though 2 German naval guns abandoned.

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