Diary August 25, 1918

British 18-pounder field gun
British 18-pounder field gun in action.
World War One Diary for Sunday, August 25, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: British troops now again hold Albert-Bapaume road, Mametz Wood, 2nd Division recaptures Behagnies and Sapignies, north of Bapaume.

Air War

Germany: 2 Handley Page bombers (Lawson and Purvis) devastatingly dive-bomb Mannheim Badische Anilin Works from 200ft and 500ft (night August 25-26).
Western Front: RAF attack two German airfields, loses 2 DH9s but shoots down 3 German fighters. Germans claim 19 Allied aircraft for loss of 10.
Palestine: Germans unable to fly any recon over British lines (until September 14) after loss of 2 aircrafts from Jasta 301 between August 25 and 31.

Home Fronts

Germany: Berlin rioters smash pictures of the Kaiser.
USA: War Industries Board exempts movie industry employees from draft.
Hungary: Government expels Jews and confiscates their assets.

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