Diary August 3, 1915

Italian field mailbox
Italian field mailbox behind the Isonzo front.
Diary for Tuesday, August 3, 1915

Southern Front

Second Battle of the Isonzo ends with Italian casualties of 41,866 soldiers.

Western Front

Argonne: French repulse German night attacks; German setback at Hill 213.

Eastern Front

South Poland: Austrian First Army cavalry enter Vladimir Volinski.

Sea War

Aegean: French battleships shells Smyrna, following Spelia and Scanlanova opposite Samos next day as diversion attacks before Suvla Bay landings.


Bulgaria: Allies reply to Bulgar note from June 14 with undefined offer.
Greece: Allied ultimatum to Greece offers Smyrna as compensation.
Italy: Government demands free Italian departure from Anatolia (consuls in Turkey prepare to leave on August 9).
Germany: Government learns of Tsar’s third and clinching refusal of its peace overtures.

Home Fronts

Britain: Treasury appeals for banknotes use, not gold.
Army Council officially employ Women’s Legion Cookery Section.

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