Diary August 4, 1917

destroyer 'Towrer
The ‘Admiralty Modified R’-class destroyer ‘Tower’.
World War One Diary for Saturday, August 4, 1917:

Sea War

Irish Sea: UC-44 sunk on UC-42 mines off Waterford after Room 40 sends bogus signal in code Germans discovered to be breaking. New FFB signal book recovered from wreck by diver­-shipwright E C Miller.
Britain: ­Last 2 of 51 wartime-built R­-class destroyers launched (since 14 May 1916), 11 modified R-class also built in
1917. First of 25 V-class destroyers (ordered June-August 1916) come into service (August 1917-June 1918).


Liberia: Government declares war on Germany.
France: French accept formation of Czech Army on Western Front (talks since June 20); 2,000 volunteers by November.


Norway, Holland: Governments offer shipping to Allies in return for food.

Home Fronts

Britain: 3,000 Russian troops for Western Front land at Invergordon. King and Queen attend Westminster Abbey 3rd War Anniversary Service. National War Aims committee launched (3,192 constituency meetings by October).
Russia: General Gourko arrested at his Petrograd home, kept in Fortress of Peter and Paul (until September 19) until allowed to sail for England.

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