Diary August 7, 1915

British attack at Gallipoli
A British attack on Turkish lines at Gallipoli.
Diary for Saturday, August 7, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli – Suvla bridgehead: 20,000 British soldiers (10th Division joins 11th Division) ashore at wrong places in burning heat, short of water, no guns landed until next day. Chocolate and Green Hills taken at nightfall.
4 Anzac Corps charges against The Nek fail.

Western Front

Alsace: Germans repulsed at Lingenkopf Ridge.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Italian guns reach Ercavallo Peak. Austrian night raid (August 7-8).

Sea War

North Sea: German minelayer Meteor lays 380 mines off Moray Firth, they sink destroyer Lynx and blow bows off sloop Lilac (both next day), armed boarding steamer Ramsey. Meteor scuttles on August 9 when Harwich Force intercepts and rescues Ramsey‘s 43 survivors; 222 mines soon removed and 10-mile channel swept along shore.
Sea of Marmora: E14 on second patrol sinks 5000t steamer (one of 22 vessels, returns from 23-day cruise on August 12) also, with E11, shells troops on Bulair-Karac road.


USA: Film The Battle Cry of Peace opens, shows ‘enemy’ in spiked helmets taking New York.

Home Fronts

Germany: British PoW privileges removed due to British alleged treatment of German interned civilians.
France: Dalbiez Law releases skilled workers back to industry and pursues conscientious objectors.

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